You felt it. You activated it. Let’s live it!

Here I’ll answer some of your most common questions on Qi.

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Ever wonder if just a few minutes a day can really make a difference? Or whether you can expect to achieve the same kind of amazing results that I had? Or maybe just want to know how Qi Gong actually works? You’re in luck.

If you answered yes to any of these – and would like to learn about how Qi Gong can be used to eliminate stress, increase longevity and help you heal – then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve prepared some videos for you that will explain all this and more…

  How fast can I expect to see results?

In some instances, the benefits of Qi Gong will be experienced almost immediately. Even a short routine of a few minutes will activate your inner Qi and circulate energy throughout your body – helping you to become more relaxed and energized.

However, once you dive further into your practice and make it part your daily routine, your overall health and wellness will become noticeably and significantly stronger. Beyond this, what you won’t notice are the ailments you’ll be preventing. Qi Gong has also been used for centuries, as a preventative measure to ward off disease and ensure longevity, therefore the little you do each day – will go a long way towards your overall health and wellness.

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  What can I expect from investing a few minutes a day?

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The results of Qi Gong can be broken down into two categories: the healing process and the side effects.

In terms of how Qi Gong heals, it:

  • Alleviates pain
  • Works fast to improve blood circulation
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Strengthens internal organs
  • Eliminates muscle tightness and soreness

Unlike some types of Western medicine, the side effects of practicing Qi Gong are only beneficial. Through regular practice, you’ll begin to feel more centered and balanced, less stressed out, enjoy a better night’s sleep and experience a significant increase in your overall energy and vitality.

  How do I get started using Qi Gong?

In the past few days I’ve already shown you some simple techniques you can use, and I’ve also shown you 2 very important steps:

Step 1: FEELING your Qi
Step 2: ACTIVATING your Qi

The next step – LIVING your Qi – takes a little more time and practice, and is an investment you make in yourself. To help you do this I’ve created Discover Qi – 6 easy and fun lessons that you can use to further activate your inner Qi and really draw on its benefits. You can order a copy at the bottom of the page.

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  How does Lee’s approach to Qi Gong different from others?

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There’s actually very little difference between my style of Qi Gong and the more traditional teachings you would experience in the East. Where my methods differ is the consumption.

With today’s busy lifestyles we cant all exactly spend a year in China, find a Qi Gong master or even commit to local classes. That’s why I developed Discover Qi – a simple yet effective approach that allows you to learn Qi Gong in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. It’s easy, it works, and most of all – it’s fun!

  Is it safe?

Qi Gong is completely safe as all the movements are gentle and designed to feel like second nature – even to most basic beginners. The routines in the program also vary in length – allowing you the opportunity to customize your practice based on your individual needs and ability.

Just be careful to practice it in an open area that allows you the space to move around freely without bumping into objects. Also remember to take it at your own pace – there is no prize for first place here.

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  How easy is it to learn?

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Qi Gong is a series of flowing and repeated movements, stretches and breathing exercises that are very easy to learn, and can be done anywhere. You don’t need to be at a certain physical fitness or have any existing experience, nor do you require any special equipment or gym clothes.

Essentially, Qi Gong is moving meditation, so all you need is a space where you can feel comfortable and able to connect with your inner Qi. For some, this may be in a park or at home, for others, it may even be on the bus on the way to work if you’re only doing the breathing exercises – the choice is yours.

  Will Qi Gong work for me?

Traditional Qi Gong as a healing practice has been tried and tested for over 4,000 years. In more recent times, numerous scientific studies have been published all over the world proving Qi Gong’s effectiveness for healing, increasing energy and reducing stress.

By practicing Qi Gong, your internal life force energy (your inner Qi) will become activated and the benefits of releasing this energy flow will filter through to all facets of your life – leading to a healthier mind, body and spirit.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for better health, to improve your relationships, relieve stress or wanting to cultivate your spiritual-self – you will benefit from Qi Gong.

Qi Gong can also be practiced by people of all ages and physical fitness levels as it combines the benefits of mental-based practices like meditation, with physical practices such as yoga or traditional exercise – however is much simpler to follow.

Check out what some of Lee’s students have had to say about how Qi Gong helped them awaken their energy, reduce stress levels, heal faster and increase their overall quality of life:

Hear how some of my student’s have used Modern Qi Gong to wondrous effect…

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  How often should I practice?

With our lives being more hectic than ever, my main goal when creating Qi Gong was to ensure that it was so versatile that it can be done in the morning before you start your day, while sitting at your desk in between meetings or in evening before you go to bed.

Whether you’ve only got 3 minutes to practice a few Qi breathing exercises, or you’re able to spare 45 minutes to do a full mind-body workout, you can customize your practice so it fits into your schedule – regardless of how jam-packed it is.

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  Can I combine Qi Gong with other practices?

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One of the reasons I fell in love with Qi Gong is the way it blends and creates a synergy with the other healing practices such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and traditional forms of exercise. However, to get the full benefits of Qi Gong, I would advise that you do not mix it with different practices in the same session.

By regularly practicing Qi Gong, what you’ll also begin to experience over time is that it provides you with the physical benefits of a 25-minute workout; with the calmness and clarity you get from 25-minutes of meditation. Therefore you may eventually choose to make it the only form of exercise and meditation you do.

  What’s the difference between Qi Gong and Tai Chi?

I have been trained in both Tai Chi and Qi Gong and they share the same principles of movement. There is a common misconception though because the word “Qi” is in both their names – although the practices are very different. Tai Chi is more complicated because it is a martial art that requires you to practice a sequence of precise movements at the same time. To learn a typical Tai Chi form usually takes about 6 months and it can be pretty challenging for beginners. I had to do each Tai Chi routine 1,000 times and then 1,000 times more before I got it perfect for my master.

Whereas, Qi Gong doesn’t require perfect movements or for you to remember an entire routine – as you just focus on one move at a time. The simple and effortless moves in Qi Gong are designed to feel like second nature, even for beginners. But don’t let that fool you. Each Qi Gong movement is created to stir up your Qi within your body – which can generate more Qi flow than an entire Tai Chi routine. This is the reason why Qi Gong practitioners get results faster, with less effort.