Discover Your Natural Healing Powers Through The Art Of Qi Gong With America’s Trusted Energy Expert Lee Holden

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Ever feel there’s more to your body than meets the mind?

For over 4 millennia men and woman from the Far East have practiced a self-healing method that requires no strength, no effort, and very little time. It’s so safe that young children and the elderly use it even to this day.

When used correctly, it circulates your life force energy through your body and activates your cells. As you feel this, your life force energy takes your attention and brings it inward. As it grows, your mind connects to the present moment into total relaxation and calmness.

This energy manipulation can be used to heal, strengthen, and nourish your body.

The Chinese Know This Mysterious Life Saving Energy As “Qi”

Pronounced ‘Chee’, Qi is invisible. You cannot see it, but you feel its existence. As It travels through your meridians – energy highways within your body – It beats your heart, nourishes your muscles, and even give rise to your conscious activities.

This is Qi Gong – “Qi” meaning energy and “Gong” meaning cultivation.

It’s easily the most cost effective and simplest yet potent self-healing practice that exists today. Yet, so little is known about this breakthrough practice in the West.

In order to appreciate the full potential of Qi Gong, I set out to study extensively everything there is to know about this unknown practice.

Lee Holden is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, author, and internationally recognised expert of Qi Gong.

Media Appearances:

Who Am I And Why You Can Trust Me To Help You Discover Better Health,All-Day Energy, And Relaxed Concentration?

My name is Lee Holden, and over the years I have had the privilege of sharing these ancient exercises for health and healing with people from around the world. At first, I only set out to share these exercises with a few students, family, and friends. No one was more surprised than I was when American Public Television asked me to create a pledge show to air nationwide.

While it felt great to reach so many people, I had no idea how far or how wide my teachings were going to go. I still remember the first phone call I got when the program first aired. When I answered the phone, the man on the other end said with a heavy Texan accent, “Hey, honey, it’s the guy on TV!” Soon I was being asked to appear on TV shows. I got interview requests from major newspapers and magazines. I was stunned!

But what really thrilled me was the feedback I was getting from people who were now applying these ancient techniques to their daily lives. Like me, they were experiencing amazing healing.

Since 1989, I’ve helped millions of people across the world get better faster and discover the energy and health they need to do the things that they love. My clients are corporate executives, Hollywood stars, pro-athletes, and doctors. Over the years fans of my work have included…

  • Daniel Bloomburg, M.D.
  • Hayley Atwell, English actress, famous for her
    role in “Captain America: The First Avenger”.
  • Dr. Deek Smith
  • Ed Burke, 4 Time Olympian, Owner Los Gatos
    Athletic Club
  • Dr. Darrell Bruga
  • Dr. Rachel Abrams, M.D., Author
  • And many more…

I’ve worked with the world’s most experienced healers and health experts — like Deepak Chopra and Taoist Master Mantak Chia. And I consult with several Hollywood film companies and top Silicon Valley corporations like Apple, 3Com, and Cisco.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because you are about to share the same profound experience I’ve taught to my many clients over the years…

The Discovery Of This Hidden Power Explained In 3 Parts For The First Time

Lesson 1:

Feel your hidden healing powers

You’ll learn about the secret inner power of your Qi, where you should look for it, and most importantly, how you can harness it to accelerate healing and restore your life force energy.

Plus, you’ll learn how to awaken your dormant energy through a simple, yet powerful technique.

Lesson 2:

Activate your healing power

You’ll be lead through the exact ancient steps people for 4,000 years have been using to activate their internal life force energy.

You can use this technique everyday to start restoring your natural healing powers.

Lesson 3:

How to fully restore your healing abilities?

Find out how exactly using the simple ancient practice you can start living healthier, longer, free of stress and in your purpose.

Get answers from the “secret” energy master to the most paining questions.


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See What Modern Qi Gong Students Have To Say…

…If You Want To Live To 100…

“If you want to live to 100, practice [this].”

Mehmet Oz, M.D
Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and Director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital
It Works.

“[This] is simple and very effective. It works.”

Claire Diab
Head Yoga Instructor for the Deepak Chopra Institute
The Most Do-Able And Relaxing Thing That I’ve Seen In A Long Time

“It’s the most do-able and relaxing thing that I’ve seen in a long time. You don’t have to turn yourself into a pretzel or anything, and it doesn’t seem like exercise. It feels good for your body.”

Erik Smith
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist
Great Stuff!

“…We have incorporated most or all of [this] into some part of our daily routine. Great stuff! Our strength coach has similar philosophies and it is all mixing in really well. I…definitely feel the positive effects”

Mark Guilbeau
University of Virginia, Head Coach - Women's Tennis 2006 NCAA Tennis Coach of the Year

Discover How “Qi” Energizes Your Body

  Your body enters into a state of flow. Your mind returns to the present moment. Both body and mind harmonizes, awakens your dormant energy, and activates your body’s inner healing power..Your Qi starts to flow easily…

  As the sensation of Qi grows stronger in your body… it naturally draws your attention inward and relaxes your mind into a meditative zone easily and effortlessly. Your Qi flows stronger…

  Your body releases tension into flow. Your mind transforms stress into power. Your spirit elevates towards the direction of your Qi.Your Qi flows even stronger now…

Repeat these movements… and your Qi grows in a continuous cycle.


Enter your name and email address to get instant online access to the FREE Qi 101 introduction course


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We ♥ your privacy.