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Lee Holden, America’s renowned Qi Gong expert watched by 50 million households on PBS, reveals secrets to amazing health and vitality…


The truth is: you are born with this healing ability.

– even if you’ve never learned to tap into it. You have amazing healing power within you, and I’m going to show you exactly how you can access it.

Aspiring Energy Healer,

It’s no secret how stressful modern life can be. And I know how helpless it can make you feel.

Today’s work culture rewards workers with more stress and little sleep. And many of us turn to fast food, coffee, and alcohol to cope. When the exhaustion and tension get to be too much, we turn to drugs as the answer to our illness and we continue an endless cycle that damages our body’s ability to heal and leaves us vulnerable.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can walk a different path, a path of energy and vitality, of inner balance and harmony.

Here’s one of the secrets that the modern world doesn’t teach or reveal: You have amazing healing powers.

When your life force energy circulates freely, it heals, strengthens, and nourishes your cells. Your immune system becomes strong, invading germs have less opportunity to fester and germinate – preventing you from getting sick.

As a Chinese medical doctor, I’ve seen how unblocking one’s life force energy can take wellbeing and happiness to the next level. Keep reading, and I’ll be your guide on this journey into deep vitality and greater energy.

None Of Them Took My Strange Exercise Seriously But When They Saw How Fast I Healed…

My discovery of it is completely accidental… literally.

'A serious lower back injury led me on a journey that transformed everything I knew about my mind, body, and spirit..'

Everyone was astonished at my rapid recovery.

Back when I was playing soccer for the University of California, Berkeley, I got into an accident that almost ended my Varsity Soccer career. Some guy took my legs out when I was about to head the ball and I crashed on my tailbone.

The pain was excruciating. I suffered injuries to my lower back and I could barely walk for a week. I couldn’t sit, stand, or even lie down.

The team doctor and physical therapists tried everything, but finally they said I would be out for the season. Though every effort to heal my injuries so far had failed, I refused to give up hope. I wasn’t about to accept defeat.

Somehow, an old martial arts teacher came to mind. I remembered once watching him break through 15 thick bricks, one on top of each other in one clean strike without injuring himself – not even cracking a fingernail. I wondered if this same “magic” could be used to heal people. At this point, I was desperate enough to try anything.

Long story short, he examined my back and showed me some interesting exercises and stretches. At first, I was skeptical. The exercises just seemed too simple to work, but he promised that this “magical” practice would accelerate my recovery.

Within days, I felt 75% better. I could walk, jump, and run comfortably. After the second visit, I was back in the field – using my own natural healing powers. No medication, no surgery, and no risky procedures.

Everyone was astonished at my rapid recovery. It was the most bizarre and wonderful experience I’d ever had and I wondered why more people didn’t know about this amazing practice.

Lee Holden is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, author, and internationally recognised expert of Qi Gong.

Media Appearances:

Who Am I And Why You Can Trust Me To Help You Discover Better Health,All-Day Energy, And Relaxed Concentration?

My name is Lee Holden, and over the years I have had the privilege of sharing these ancient exercises for health and healing with people from around the world. At first, I only set out to share these exercises with a few students, family, and friends. No one was more surprised than I was when American Public Television asked me to create a pledge show to air nationwide.

While it felt great to reach so many people, I had no idea how far or how wide my teachings were going to go. I still remember the first phone call I got when the program first aired. When I answered the phone, the man on the other end said with a heavy Texan accent, “Hey, honey, it’s the guy on TV!” Soon I was being asked to appear on TV shows. I got interview requests from major newspapers and magazines. I was stunned!

But what really thrilled me was the feedback I was getting from people who were now applying these ancient techniques to their daily lives. Like me, they were experiencing amazing healing.

Since 1989, I’ve helped millions of people across the world get better faster and discover the energy and health they need to do the things that they love. My clients are corporate executives, Hollywood stars, pro-athletes, and doctors. Over the years fans of my work have included…

  • Daniel Bloomburg, M.D.
  • Hayley Atwell, English actress, famous for her
    role in “Captain America: The First Avenger”.
  • Dr. Deek Smith
  • Ed Burke, 4 Time Olympian, Owner Los Gatos
    Athletic Club
  • Dr. Darrell Bruga
  • Dr. Rachel Abrams, M.D., Author
  • And many more…

I’ve worked with the world’s most experienced healers and health experts — like Deepak Chopra and Taoist Master Mantak Chia. And I consult with several Hollywood film companies and top Silicon Valley corporations like Apple, 3Com, and Cisco.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because you are about to share the same profound experience I’ve taught to my many clients over the years…

How I Discovered An Ancient Technique That Helps Your Body Heal Faster, Eliminates Fatigue And Feeds Your Energy For An Entire Lifetime In Only Minutes A Day

For over 40 centuries, men and woman from the Far East practiced a self-healing method that was effortless, practical, and required very little time.

In fact, try this basic exercise below to see how incredibly easy it is. It takes less than five minutes to do.
Try this:

 Rub your palms vigorously until your hands feel warm (like you are creating a fire)
 Bring your hands down to your side and shake your lower arms and wrists like an athlete would before an event. Shake for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
 Completely relax with your hands by your side and feel the energy circulating down your arms and into your fingertips
'Feeling your Qi is easy – start by simply rubbing your palms together vigorously.'

Simple, easy, and effective. Could you feel your Qi?

Without even breaking a sweat or changing into your workout clothes, you’ve already started to heal your body. When you do this exercise and others like it, this is what happens deep inside you:

Your life force energy circulates through your body, activating each cell. As you feel your life force energy, your mind connects to the present moment and you slip into total relaxation and calmness.

While all this happens you are actually meditating – it’s called Moving Meditation – with your mind and body. I’ll explain why this is important shortly…

As you become aware of your life force energy, it moves through your cells, travels through your nervous system and nourishes everything inside you. You will even feel the tingling and radiant sensations in your fingertips.

The Chinese Ancestors Called This Mysterious Life Force Energy… “Qi”

Qi is invisible. You cannot see it, but you feel its existence.

As It travels through your meridians—energy highways within your body. It beats with your heart, nourishes your muscles, and even gives rise to your consciousness.

The rest of the exercises are just as easy. The only “difficult” thing you’ll do is to relax and move slowly. No balancing on your head or standing on one foot.

Let your body move gracefully and fluidly – there’s no pressure on the joints – and your Qi flows and tones your vital organs. That’s how it revitalizes your body and builds your energy reserves.

Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment or environment to practice.

Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment or place to practice. No Yoga mats, no exercise machines, no special safety equipment, and no fancy gym clothes necessary. You can do the slow exercise movements in any comfortable clothes and you don’t even have to sweat.

This is Qi Gong – “Qi” meaning energy and “Gong” meaning cultivation.

It’s easily the most cost-effective yet potent self-healing practice that exists today. Yet, so little is known about this breakthrough practice in the West. In order to appreciate the full potential of Qi Gong, I set out to study everything there is to know about this practice.

What I discovered changed everything I believed about alternative health and modern medicine…

The Earliest Medical Breakthrough That Influenced Healing Across Civilizations

You might be hearing the word Qi Gong for the first time, but its history stretches back 4,000 years to the earliest medical doctrine that formed the bedrock of eastern medicine. Used to promote longevity and healing, it has influenced therapeutic practices including…


Qi Gong is acupuncture without needles! It activates the Qi flow within the body to accelerate its natural healing powers. Both Qi Gong and acupuncture uses the same meridian framework. But with Qi Gong, your life force energy stimulates your meridian points and heals your body without ever piercing the skin. Instead, you’re treated to a refreshing acupressure massage.


In short simple moves, Qi Gong cultivates mind-body harmony as Yoga does. The Qi – equivalent of Yoga’s Hindu Prana – naturally runs down the meridians (known as nadis in Yoga) and draws your attention within your body without any willpower on your part. This is known as Moving Meditation in Qi Gong – where your body and mind are strengthened at the same time.

Tai Chi

Qi Gong practitioners experience strong health and vitality just like a Tai Chi practitioner would – without wasting years training or mastering difficult routines. Tai Chi, historically a martial art, draws its healing properties from Qi Gong. This is why Qi Gong practitioners experience health benefits sooner… even as they use it for the first time.


Reiki practitioners who practice Qi Gong will immediately spot the similarities in both. In fact, Reiki recipients report similar tingling and warm sensation commonly felt by a Qi Gong practitioner. While Reiki is less than a century old, it shares similar principles to Qi Gong, which has been practiced and perfected for over four thousand years.

Scientific Studies Behind This Medical Miracle!

'Proven by decades of scientific research in preventing and treating a myriad of illness and diseases'

Although we still don’t have all the answers, plenty of scientific studies conducted in China and America have established a solid scientific foundation for Qi Gong as a primary means of preventing and treating a variety of conditions and diseases.

That’s why major universities are incorporating integrative medicine – such as Qi Gong – into their medical schools. For example, University of Maryland’s Center for Integrative Medicine now features specific Qi Gong specialists and classes in their medical curriculum – a sign that modern science is finally catching up with this ancient practice.

Proven studies that support Qi Gong’s ability to help prevent and cure illnesses includes…


Less pain and greater freedom in movement without nasty side effects. A large-scale study found Qi Gong’s effectiveness in easing pain and reducing stiffness for arthritis patients.

(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2010)


Qi Gong lowers blood pressure significantly, cuts down cholesterol levels, and lowers anxiety levels. By doing so, Qi Gong reduces the risk factor for stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and increases life expectancy.

(Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, 2003)


Prevents exhaustion of heart muscles and prolongs your life. It’s nature’s way of improving red blood cells count and enhancing blood circulation with a “second heart”.


Using Qi Gong helps you enter a state of calm and quiet that very few people experience even in sleep.

High Blood Pressure:

Simple Qi Gong exercises are 9 times more powerful than taking prescribed drugs for high blood pressure.

(Shanghai Research Institute for Hypertension)


Those practicing Qi Gong show greater decline in blood sugar levels and reported better quality of life, mental health, and vitality.

(Journal of Complementary Medicine, June 2009)

Cancer Patients:

Show significantly higher wellbeing levels, improved cognitive functions, and less inflammation. Subjects even report greater sexual satisfaction.

(Sydney Medical School, 2011)

Chronic pain:

Relieves major symptoms of Fibromyalgia, including reduced pain, better quality sleep, and improved mood.

(New England Journal of Medicine, 2010)

Immune System:

Enhances white blood cell production, increases scavenger cells’ activity, and even revitalizes the bone marrow! Qi Gong increases the number of T-cells in the thymus gland and strengthens the immune system.

(Journal of American Geriatrics Society, April 2007)

Parkinson’s Disease:

Qi Gong reduces balance impairments, lowers incidences of falls, and improves overall functional capacity in Parkinson’s Disease patients. It even outperformed resistance training and stretching in this regard.

(The New England Journal of Medicine, February 2012)


When added to complement typical antidepressant medication, Qi Gong greatly reduces depressive symptoms, improves cognitive ability, and reduces inflammation throughout the body!

(American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, October of 2011)

And much, much more…

I Traveled to the East In Search Of The Secret Knowledge Behind This Life Force Miracle

Immediately after graduation, I set out to Asia and traveled far and wide, studying the ancient practices from many masters. It was an arduous journey but an incredible learning experience as I:

  • Studied bodywork and pressure points in China and Japan.
  • Trained with Tai Chi Masters from Hong Kong and Indonesia.
  • Completed two-week silent retreats with nine hours of meditation per day (and even meditated for ten days in complete darkness).
  • Spent 4 years traveling back and forth to Thailand to study Qi Gong. During my third trip, I had to pass rigorous tests to demonstrate my mastery of the practices and principles.
  • Spent 4 more years studying Traditional Chinese medicine and becoming a licensed Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist.
  • Completed numerous Yoga Intensives, stood on my head, and could almost get my ankles behind my ears (soccer players have tight hips).

I did the exercise a thousand times and then another thousand before I nailed it

Mastering the ancient disciplines through traditional practice was instrumental to my learning, but grueling. I had suffered “double days” in soccer before, but this training pushed me beyond limits that I thought were impossible. It took years of intense training until I was rewarded.

Even my master was skeptical that a white kid from California could master these internal arts.

He scrutinized every movement I learned until it was perfect. I would struggle to keep my balance, as he pushed me with all his force. He would correct every detail before saying “You only need to do this form 1,000 times more” – which meant it stunk completely. I did the exercise a thousand times and then another thousand before I nailed it.

None of it was easy. And meditation was no different.

Holding a thought for 20 minutes is difficult enough, let alone meditating for a full 9 hours without food, water, or sleep. You could imagine the extraordinary discipline required to meditate in complete darkness for 10 days without letting your mind unravel – a feat that seems brutal and punishing.

Had anyone suggested to me that this traditional form of training would be popular in the West, I would not have believed it.

No one I know has time to commit 9 hours of practice per day, or even 30 minutes. Even if they did, only half would put up with the language barrier, leaving only a fraction who might stay until the bitter end of this steep learning curve.

If that didn’t discourage them, the training would have been too extreme to fit into their modern lifestyles. With more urgent priorities to take care of, like work and family responsibilities, they would have to be superhuman to pursue this form of training consistently—fortunately this was before my twins were born!

But finally, I discovered…

A Shortcut That Instantly SPARKSYour Healing Abilities And MULTIPLIES Its Power

My biggest epiphany was this — your Qi flows faster and deeper when your mind and body are relaxed.

It’s never about stretching the furthest, enduring the most pain, or performing every move to its minute perfection. In fact, the sole purpose of all the ancient practices is to circulate your Qi flow so your body can heal naturally.

With that in mind, I reconstructed the traditional learning approach to Qi Gong —while preserving its healing essence. The movements feel instinctive, effortless, and even comfortable… hardly like you’re exercising at all.

Here’s what happens when you relax into my Qi Gong movements….

  Your body enters into a state of flow. Your mind returns to the present moment. Both body and mind harmonize, awaken your dormant energy, and activate your body’s inner healing power.Your Qi starts to flow easily…

  As the sensation of Qi grows stronger in your body… it naturally draws your attention inward and relaxes your mind into a meditative zone easily and effortlessly. Your Qi is stronger…

  Your body releases tension into flow. Your mind transforms stress into power. Your spirit elevates towards the direction of your Qi.Your Qi is even stronger now…

Repeat these movements… and your Qi grows in a continuous cycle.

'Lee has touched over 50 million viewers since his Public Television shows started airing in 2005.' 'Over the years Lee has helped millions of people tap into their Qi with his series of books, CDs, and DVDs.'

Remember how Moving Meditation works? Using this new form of Qi Gong, not only do your mind and body relax, you are also using it to multiply your Qi flow at the same time.

This is what it looks like…

It seems so obvious. Yet most people lose sight of this in their practice.

So I laid it all out. I discarded all the mystical dogmas, complicated moves, and abstract theories. Then, I distilled each discipline to its essence and created my own style of modern Qi Gong that is easier to learn and use. In fact, you will be practicing the finer points of Qi Gong without even realizing it. What’s more, they are fun to do and require no special equipment.

My students called it “Lee Holden’s Qi Gong for Everyone” and the name has stuck ever since. It’s simply the most effortless energy exercise that exists today.

Traditional Qi Gong directs your movements down in technical detail. Instead, the gentle flowing movements you’ll use in this new form of Qi Gong are so effortless, your health begins to improve as you learn how to use them. The moves are so versatile, you can practice it anywhere, be it in the park or in the privacy of your bedroom – even if you only have 3 minutes to spare!

The best part… You only have to follow 3 steps.

Step 1: Feel your Qi.

Stirs up your dormant energy so you can begin to sense the Qi flowing in your body.

Step 2: Activate your Qi.

Directs your Qi around specific areas of your body to improve your health.

Step 3: Live with Qi.

Matches this effortless energy exercise into your daily lifestyle.

Lee Has A Gift… The Pain Is Gone

“Lee has a gift to take something very complicated and to make it very simple and direct without losing the essence of it. I have tried Tai Chi and given up because it was too complicated and time-consuming. I feel that the way Lee teaches Qi Gong is practical, not complicated, and not time-consuming. I got pain relief within 2-3 days. The pain is gone; it’s amazing!”

RS, 54 years old, writer and fan
New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic
Lee walks you through new routines step-by-step

Stephanie Urlich
I discovered Lee after the age of 80

Hans Zweig

Here’s 6 Things You’ll Love About My Accessible Approach To Qi Gong

 Effortless practice

The slow, graceful, and instinctive movements in this new Qi Gong will probably be the easiest thing you’ll ever learn and remember. You can stop worrying about performing the moves perfectly. The flowing movements work without making you sweat over minute details and feel completely natural – like you already knew each move.

 Feel results faster

Once your Qi is reactivated, it circulates through damaged areas of your body first and accelerates the natural healing process. That’s why you will begin to feel your body and mental clarity improving, very often with little practice. Once you kickstart your Qi flow, the rest of your healing becomes easier from that point on.

'Students experience the benefits almost immediately, even if they’re just trying Qi Gong for the first time.'
'Exercise can protect your health and leave you with energy that lasts all day long. Lee Holden's exercise takes only 3 minutes & it's really simple!'

 Requires little time

Everyone has a hectic schedule. So do I. To make it easier to incorporate Qi Gong into your daily life, I’ve designed short sessions for you to use in any given pocket of free time during the day. You get an immediate boost in energy through a 3-minute session. Even if you skipped one day of practice (happens even to the best of us), the accumulated benefits from your short sessions will make sure your health and vitality is well guarded.

 No willpower

You don’t need to be physically fit or be a monk to use my style of Qi Gong. The “No Pain, No Gain” motto does not apply here either. Each effortless exercise relaxes you and naturally draws your attention within your body. In fact, you will get hooked to continue the entire routine within the first few seconds. When you’re finished, you will feel so energized and alert (rather than exhausted) that you can’t wait to practice again.

 Everyone can do it

No matter how effective a healing technique is promised to be, it must first do no harm. How do you know for sure? Easy. If you don’t feel better after using a technique… STOP. You must not push any limits or make yourself feel uncomfortable. I made sure every Qi Gong movement passed this test before incorporating it into my modern style.

If you can’t move any part of your body due to physical injuries, safely omit the exercise and move on to the next. There’s nothing strenuous in this new form of Qi Gong, just slow and easy movements. Regardless of your current physical conditions, it cultivates the internal energy just the same, for both men and women. As long as you have a heartbeat, it doesn’t matter if your age is 9 or 99.

'Age really is just a number – anyone, young or old, can live a longer, healthier life with Qi Gong.'

There are no memberships to buy,no special props to carry around, and no fancy uniforms. Just go to your favourite spot in your living room and begin.

 Better than cheap … FREE!

The good news is: you already have all the tools ready with you wherever you go. There are no memberships to buy, no special props to carry around, and no fancy uniforms. Just go to your favorite spot in your living room and begin. The best part? You don’t have to feel uneasy because there’s no one else around you staring.

Over the years, I have refined my style of Qi Gong to solve practical problems for people young and old. People report back how modern Qi Gong helped them enjoy better health, more energy, as well as a more relaxed and grounded outlook of life.

Here’s what others have to say about modern Qi Gong …

Praise From Bestselling Author Deepak Chopra

“Lee’s Qi Gong routines are a perfect blend of exercise to jump-start your day and help you relax at night.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D
Author of more than 65 books, including 19 New York Times bestseller
The Perfect Tool To Help Refocus And Energize The Mind, Body, and Spirit

“Lee’s Qi Gong is the perfect tool to help refocus and energize the mind, body and spirit. I found them to be a wonderful aid in connecting me to my body’s natural rhythms and to relax, especially in such a fast-paced world… he’s cute too!”

Hayley Atwell
English actress, known for her role as Peggy Carter in “Captain America: The First Avenger”
Vice-Chair of Surgery At Columbia University On Qi Gong’s Benefits

“If you want to live to 100, practice Qi Gong.”

Mehmet Oz, M.D
Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and Director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital
Taoist Master and Bestselling Author On Lee’s Work

“Lee does great work. I’m happy to work with him every chance I get. I recommend him highly.”

Grand Master Chia
Taoist Master, Teacher, and Author of 32 books including bestseller “The Taoist Secrets of Love”.
It Works.

“This program is simple and very effective. It works.”

Claire Diab
Head Yoga Instructor for the Deepak Chopra Institute
The Most Do-Able And Relaxing Thing That I’ve Seen In A Long Time

“It’s the most do-able and relaxing thing that I’ve seen in a long time. You don’t have to turn yourself into a pretzel or anything, and it doesn’t seem like exercise. It feels good for your body.”

Erik Smith
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist
Two-Time Olympian And US Champion Credits Lee Holden

“I am truly grateful to Lee Holden for introducing me to this wonderful and rewarding discipline.”

Kevin McMahon
Hammer Thrower, Two-time Olympian and two-time U.S. Champion
Part Of Our Daily Routine

“…We have incorporated most or all of the modern Qi Gong routine into some part of our daily routine. Great stuff! Our strength coach has similar philosophies and it is all mixing in really well. I…definitely feel the positive effects”

Mark Guilbeau

Suffering From Pain? Millions Swear By This Amazing Exercise That Drenches Your Body With Healing Energy

After starting your daily practice, your Qi will begin to grow and expand. Many of my students quickly feel an overall sense of increased energy and youthful vitality. Your health may start improving in a variety of ways: better sleep, reduced pain, or more day-to-day energy.

And working with Qi isn’t just healthy and healing for your body. It’s also a powerful tool for clearing stress. Not only will the practice help you break the cycle of stress and anxiety, you’ll leave each exercise with a sense of tranquility and emotional wellbeing.

After 30 days of practice, most people start to notice major shifts. You’ll find yourself feeling emotionally centered, focused, and a reaching a new level of calmness. You might even enter a state of bliss and happiness that’s contagious.

There’s really no end to the benefits. I have seen people doing things with Qi Gong so advanced it even looks mystical from an outsider’s perspective. That’s what keeps me excited about modern Qi Gong — the journey is actually more interesting than the destination.

Once you try this, you will be exhilarated at what you are learning.

Everyone’s results will be different. Every student’s physical condition and Qi reserves vary, so some people will notice different improvements to their body at different rates.

But one thing is certain: they all enjoy common benefits as a result of improving their Qi flow.

Take a look at what some of my students have to say…

I Feel More Like Myself Again…

“After a lung surgery 3 years ago, I have been in pain almost daily from deteriorating disks in my neck as well feeling off centered because, of course, the body doesn’t really close back up to it’s original state after such a surgery. I feel more like myself again than I have for quite a while. As long as I keep up, my neck is pain free most of the time, I stand taller at 5’3” from 5’2.5” (bone density test) and cliché as it may sound, have an overall greater sense of well being. The meditational aspects are helping me to re-attain my spiritual center as well. Just thought you would like to know the positive impact Qi Gong has had on my life. I am feeling stronger, am able to work harder & remain more focused every day.”

I thank you so very much.

Doreen L, age 53
Winchendon, Massachusetts
Four Weeks Since My Injury And I Am Virtually Pain Free…

“I recently pinched a nerve in my neck. The pain was terrible and it radiated into my left forearm and 2 of my fingertips were numb. After checking it out with my doctor and having x-rays to see the extent of the injury, I began slowly using Lee’s DVD. I can tell you that at first it was pretty slow going and I couldn’t believe how little flexibility I had. I followed the DVD each morning and after I got home from work. I could only tolerate the standing exercises. After each session, I felt a bit better, a little looser and a little less pain. I also went to see a physiotherapist. He could not get over the recovery that I was experiencing. It wasn’t long before my flexibility returned and my pain subsided. It has been four weeks since my injury and I am virtually pain free. I have a slight bit of numbness remaining in the tip of my index finger. I continue to follow the DVDs each day.”

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

Toronto, Southern Ontario
My Doctor Couldn’t Believe It When I Told Her

“I was incapacitated – my doctor told me I needed a new knee and five new vertebrae in my spine. I hadn’t driven since September and could no longer even get to physical therapy. Well, I have to say I am now your best commercial. My doctor couldn’t believe it when I told her I drove myself to my last appointment.”

Willimae H
The Stiffness Of Arthritis Is Diminishing And The Energy I Feel From Within Is Amazing

“I am finding joy and freedom daily as I begin each day with one of Lee’s dvd’s. My suffering from the stiffness of arthritis is diminishing and the energy I feel from within is amazing. Thank you for bringing this practice to everyone who has the wisdom to access it.”

Lynne W
My Back Feels Great!

“I just wanted to thank you for the back movements. My back feels great! It is one of the times in my life when I feel like I have “come home” — if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing your skill and patience with us. What a gift for us all.”

Tarini, Mother
…A Very effective And Enjoyable Way Of Both Exercising And Relaxing, Physically And Mentally

“I have had a rough year with some chronic health issues and find this to be a very effective and enjoyable way of both exercising and relaxing, physically and mentally. Lee has such a motivating yet gentle and tranquil spirit. I agree that he has a gift. How fortunate for so many that he has chosen to share this gift!”

JL, Faculty Assistant
Springfield, Massachusetts
I Have An Artificial Knee And I Can Do This

“…My husband has a problem with his rotator cuff, and the exercises didn’t seem to bother him. Also I have an artificial knee. It’s never too late to start this – believe me! Never, never, never!”

Margie Townsend (64 years old, grandmother)
Colorado, Wyoming
These Work Great!

“Thanks for the health, Lee. In my profession, I can use all the energy and pain-reducing methods possible. These work great.”

Wayne Primo, Professional Hockey
San Jose, California
Healed Issued From My Dental Surgery Years Ago

“Ever since a dental surgery years ago, the left side of my body has been low on energy and I haven’t been able to get energy flowing normally into my left jaw, despite my efforts to correct it.

Very quickly after joining in your movements my left side was tingling with energy, and it tingled for the rest of the session. More amazing, the energy was flowing fully and pleasurably into my left jaw. It is the first thing that has done this! Also, I’d had an exceedingly unpleasant and discouraging day, and this managed to improve my outlook. I am recommending you to a friend who is recovering from a stroke and has some residual problem with her left side.

You are a gifted teacher. Thank you for making this so easy, pleasurable, beautiful and available.”

Thanks again.

Joyce B
I Quit Going To The Chiropractor…

“Recently I suffered what seemed like a misalignment in my upper back which was very stiff in the morning when I got up and would be quite painful every time I sneezed or coughed. I saw my chiropractor right away, hoping that one or two appointments with him would bring relief of the problem, but no such luck. When I awoke after the first appointment and found I was in as much discomfort as before I saw him, I pulled out your DVD and found that the stretching and movement of the Qi Gong routines on that DVD would at least loosen things up for the day. I saw the chiropractor several times over the next few weeks but still no relief. But I continued to use your DVD every morning during that ordeal and knew I would be able to move throughout the day.

Eventually, I quit going to the chiropractor since I was not getting any results, but continued to do the upper back and neck pain routines, again, so thankful that I could at least get things loosened up for the day. In about 3 to 4 weeks, I realized that I was no longer suffering. Since then I make sure that the DVD is part my Qi Gong routines, doing them at least a couple of times a week to help keep things limber, rarely missing any of my morning workouts with Qi Gong.

Thanks again.”“

Medford, Oregon

Doctors Use It On Themselves And Their PatientsEven If It Threatens To Put Them Out Of Work

…Blown Away By The Success Of Something I Can’t Quite Understand

“This traditional physician was blown away by the success of something I can’t quite understand. I am very pleased! My body feels great. I can’t recommend Lee more highly.”

Irv Olander
My Life Changed Through Qi Gong

“I am a 60 year old woman who has changed her life through Qi Gong. I had an almost completely frozen shoulder and a lot of stress with my job; I can honestly say that daily qigong exercise with Lee and other Masters have healed my shoulder; I have almost total shoulder freedom and the pain has disappeared. I have a lot to thank Lee for.”

Maxine Becker
M.S Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the State of New Jersey,
Mid-Atlantic, USA
I Cannot Begin To Describe The Benefits I Feel…

“I am actually feeling the benefits of these exercises in a very short time and my posture is straighter and I feel more aligned. His explanations during the exercises really increase my understanding and insight into the benefits of the movements and help to keep me on track and focused on the practice. But just viewing the beautiful settings along with Lee’s calming voice puts me into a whole different space and is incredibly relaxing and stress reducing, even without doing one exercise. I cannot begin to describe the benefits I feel after doing the morning practice. The benefits last throughout the day. I am calmer, more focused have increased concentration, I am less anxious and much better equipped to handle a very stressful day.”

Roseanne Schnoll
PhD, RD, CDN Associate Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences Brooklyn College of CUN,
Brooklyn, USA
Highly Recommended

“… valuable adjunct to my treatments, a great reference for home exercise. Highly recommended.”

Kit Yoon
A Well-Produced Effective Exercise Program For My Clients

“Finally, a well-produced effective exercise program for my clients to use at home.”

Jennifer Lokey
…Such A Powerful Resource For Patients To Do For Themselves

“…such a powerful resource for patients to do for themselves. My clients are thrilled with the results.”

Karen Jew
My Patients Are Loving These Exercises

“My patients are loving these exercises – a great reference for home stretching.”

Pam Daniels
I Encourage Almost All My Patients To Use These

“I encourage almost all my patients to use these. Everyone needs a little stress reduction and positive energy in their lives.”

Jim MacDonald

Now, It’s Your Turn To Harness Your Life Force Energy And Feel It For Yourself

For thousands of years, people made personal sacrifices to travel to remote parts of the world and train with Qi Gong Masters. It reminds me of an old Chinese saying that goes: ”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

My first step happened by accident (a painful one too). But it’s no accident you’re taking the first step with me from the comfort of your own home.

That’s why to start off your journey on a firm footing, I’ve created a new foundation Qi Gong course called “Discover Qi”. This course is a culmination of all my teaching experience and covers everything you need to know to feel, activate and live with your Qi in quick and easy steps.

The best part is, it requires very little work and time commitment on your part. I’ve also made “Discover Qi” so accessible, anyone who can imitate simple movements can practice Qi Gong. The “Discover Qi” program is a complete introductory program for anyone – young or old – to fully and quickly awaken your natural healing powers.

In one fell swoop, you’ll get 6 power packed sessions that help you feel, activate, and live with your Qi. Each step-by-step session includes…

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step

Step 1: Feel your Qi

Step 2: Activate your Qi

Step 3: Live with Qi

Session 1: Experience Qi

Your journey begins here:

Join me as I explain the origin and unique qualities of Qi Gong in clear, simple language.

Then experience a deep self-reflection meditation and a video exercise that helps you experience Qi in your body for the very first time.

Highlights include:
  • Feel Qi for the first time in 10 minutes or less with 3 easy and effortless exercises.
  • Meditate deeply without even knowing it – discover how this form of meditation directs your attention within you. No effort needed.
  • Feel a deep sense of relaxation and calmness as your body heals itself through the flow of your Qi.
  • Improve energy circulation within your body without breaking a sweat.

Step 1: Feel your Qi

Step 2: Activate your Qi

Step 3: Live with Qi

Session 2: Fill Your Body With Qi

In this session I’ll explain the far-reaching impacts of Qi Gong to your mind, body, and spirit. Once you understand how the three are inseparable, you can use Qi to foster better concentration, creativity, and temperament – often after only a few minutes of practice

Next I’ll walk you through the exercise to create vitality and strong health with Qi Gong.

Highlights include:
  • How the “Qi massage” improves your spine’s health and adds years to your life—it’s so simple you’ll think it’s a nursery school dance.
  • Live longer and strengthen your defense against diseases by revitalizing your kidneys with this exercise.
  • Easy ways to infuse Qi into your meridians without making a visit to the acupressure reflexologist.
  • How world-class athletes incorporate Qi Gong moves to relieve stress and tension before a high stake competition.
  • Transform stress into vitality—you simply cannot do this exercise and feel stressed at the same time.
  • How to harmonize the mind-body connection and build intrinsic strength.

Session 3: Increase Vitality in Your Body

I will walk you through an exercise to relax your upper body and clear your emotional blocks.

You will also learn to gather energy from your surroundings with an easy new exercise.

Highlights include:
  • A simple exercise that leaves you feeling energized with twice as much oxygen in your lungs than normal people.
  • “…just relax your head and let it drop”—this massage-like movement prevents carpal tunnel, wrist problems, and tendonitis in your arms.
  • For people who take things too seriously: Relax your clenched-up heart with the simple movement of floating your arms.
  • Fill your spirit with calm and enjoy tranquility for the rest of your day and in your interactions.

Session 4: The Flow Of Life

In this session, you will tap the quickest source of energy — your breath. As you breathe, Qi circulates in your body and centers you. The slow breath extracts the Qi from the each breath and cultivates more energy. (You will actually feel this sensation with the exercise below).

Highlights include:
  • If your breathing is constricted, use this technique to sweep out tensions and stress from your lungs. As your breath relaxes, so does your mind.
  • Boost your immune system by knocking vital pressure points on your chest, lungs, and heart center.
  • Feel your breath transforming into Qi and notice the warm tingling sensation in your hands become stronger. Your mind will focus and follow the course of your breath naturally.
  • How to inhale deeply to your source of Qi. This prevents diseases, strengthens your metabolism, and relaxes your emotions all at the same time.

Session 5: Raise Your Energy Level

Here you’ll learn to absorb abundant energy while relaxing your emotions at the same time. Modern society has everything backwards – it exhausts your energy with work and stresses you out with demands. You restore this balance with the exercise below.

Highlights include:
  • “Flexibility has life force in nature.” These light stretches (when used with Qi Gong) increase your flexibility while calming your mind and charging up your body.
  • Discover a small modification to your exercise to open your spine, neck, upper body, hamstrings, and hips with just a simple twist.
  • Plus, a little mental trick that helps you move more gracefully and with better flow.

Session 6: Mind, Body, And Spirit Integration

As we wrap up and make Qi Gong a part of your a daily life, you’ll see that the process of discovering Qi is an internal journey that truly serves to direct and guide your life. You will realize greater potential in yourself than you ever have before.

As I have said before, it’s the learning process that makes the practice of Qi Gong so exciting.

As your Qi grows, you will experience a sense of being guided, of being on track, and a sense of purpose in life. No more vague fears, but just being in the flow.

Highlights include:
  • Find joy and happiness in your daily activities.
  • Pump energy through your nervous system and unwind the accumulated stress with “spinal-cord breathing”.
  • A variation exercise involving your heels that charges your body’s energy system and works your calf muscles at the same time.
  • Stand still—The energy flows, twists, turns, and settles inside you after this Qi Gong exercise.
  • Discover the Chinese “pulling down the heavens” technique that helps you suck in energy from your immediate environment.

Step 1: Feel your Qi

Step 2: Activate your Qi

Step 3: Live with Qi

Session 7: 2 Morning Qi Rituals

Start your day fully alert with pit bull energy.

Your friends will imagine you jumping out of bed fully awake every morning when they sense your energy.

The Morning Qi Ritual gives you a sense of deep inner peace, keeps you stress-free throughout the day, and delivers a boost of energy and vitality better than anything you’d get from a cup of coffee.

As you practice, you’ll naturally develop an instinctive understanding of how your body functions, the ability to calm your mind at will, and the potential to access spiritual inspiration.

In a hurry? These rituals are designed in:

  • 10 minute and
  • 20 minute blocks,

so you hit the ground running. Once the Qi starts flowing, you’ll be unstoppable!

Session 8: 2 Evening Qi Rituals

Start losing sleep. Enjoy deep, quiet, and restful sleep every night.

The Evening Qi Ritual helps you end your day feeling peaceful, relaxed, and stress-free as you prepare for a restful sleep. As you get closer to the end of the routine, you will practice some special movements that help eliminate insomnia and induce deep sleep.

You will wake up the next morning feeling energized, refreshed, and revitalized even before you brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee.

These rituals are designed in:

  • 10 minute and
  • 20 minute blocks

to help you get a great night sleep naturally.

Lee’s Class Was The Difference Between Back Surgery And No Surgery At All

Sally Wolfe
Had A Great Night’s Sleep

“If you don’t think you can get much benefit out of such a short workout, think again. I tried the PM routine last night before I went to bed and had a great night’s sleep. Love that little bit of self-reflexology he works into the practice. Keep up the great work.”

I thank you so very much.

Cindy Grogan, Writer
Real Benefits In A Very Practical Way

“…started the day this morning with your introduction and extended AM workout…For me, it is a fantastic quick blend some strength and stretching to kick-start the day. It is great to know that you have that under your belt in case the day pans out in a way that doesn’t get you any other exercise. And you really do feel energized after it. At this early juncture we are really impressed with it and can see real benefits in a very practical way in our busy days.”

Mark and Rachel Jenkins

When Was The Last Time An Effortless Energy Exercise Gave You Remarkable “Side Effects” Like This…

It’s Incredible Something So Easy And So Gentle Can Be So Utterly Powerful

“I have had severe chronic illness for decades, often completely disabling for long periods of time… I have tried countless healing modalities, both conventional and “alternative.” A few have helped. None has helped in the way or to the degree — or with the speed! — that your Qi Gong dvd series has. This includes yoga, which I have practiced for thirty years.

I have tried a few other Qi Gong/Tai Chi programs and teachers. None has resonated or helped in the way that you and yours are doing… I cannot believe the depth and extent of the improvements I’m experiencing in so short a time… In just a few weeks, I’ve seen tremendous changes in my digestive and immune function, energy level, and overall well-being, among other improvements. I am thrilled. I cannot wait to see what my health (and life!) is like in 6 months, a year, two years, five….! I cannot thank you enough.”

Illinois, Midwestern
No More Pain, No More Struggling

“For a year or so, I had been diagnosed with bursitis of the right hip, needed a cane and could only climb steps lifting the left leg and dragging the right foot up. I had a few months of physical therapy. I tried biofeedback, self hypnosis, subliminal tapes, limited yoga and medication, all to no avail.

After using the Lee Holden’s Qi Gong for several days the energy I felt was astounding. No pain. A few weeks later, I found myself at the top of the stairs. I had gotten there without pain, without struggling, without the tendency to scream.”

Patricia Yu
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
…Loosened My Spine Greatly, Which Even Physical Therapy Was Not Able To Do

“I have degenerative discs and bone spurs in both my cervical and lumbar spine, and arthritis in both. The (modern Qi Gong) movements felt good, really good, and relaxing, so I just incorporate them every day. They have loosened the spine greatly, which even Physical Therapy was not able to do.

The results are amazing. My body and mind flow now, and I have a deep seated sense of mental and emotional peace. I wake up each morning early, on purpose, so that I am SURE to be able to do my Qi Gong before the day begins, in the quiet early hours that I love so much. It WORKS!!”

Emily A. Retter
New York, Buffalo
I Can Say It Is Really “No Impact” On Any Of My Joints

“Qi Gong is the only form of exercise that I have found that does NOT increase migraine pain during the workout (physical activity usually increases the throbbing pain in my head, however Qi Gong does not). Not only does Qi Gong not increase my pain levels, I find that after completing a session I am in less pain because I have successfully stretched out the muscles in my neck and shoulders (which hold so much tension and stress due to the pain of the migraine) and I actually feel as though I have received the benefits of a massage…

In addition, I have a lot of problems with my knees and the Qi Gong sessions have not caused any problems in this area either. This workout is so “low impact” that I can say it is really “no impact” when it comes to putting stress any of my joints.
Furthermore, I am a complete beginner and new to this form of exercise. I have found Lee’s DVDs very easy to follow and in very little time I was able to understand and do even the most complicated moves with his wonderful explanations of how to move and breath.”

Elena Carleton
New York, Queensbury
Severe Pain From Rotator Cuff Surgery And In Therapy On Three Different Occasions

For three years I had been suffering with severe pain from rotator cuff surgery and had been in therapy on three different occasions. I took your DVD to my therapist for her to review. She said it was wonderful and that it covered all the muscles and joints she had been working with. She encouraged me to start doing the exercises in the DVD. I have been pain free for the last 5 months. What a great feeling. I owe it to a special therapist and to Lee Holden and his wonderful DVD’s. I love doing Qi Gong. It’s easy and you get immediate results. I’m just sorry it didn’t come into my life sooner. But with the help of Qi Gong I plan on living a very long life.

P. S. I’ll be 77 next week and feel like 50.

Margie Watts

Later, she wrote back again…

I’ve Become 27 Years Younger

“I’m so excited about all the positive things that Qi Gong has brought to my life. Lee is right! The more you do — the younger you get. Just today someone thought I was 50 – so in the 18 + months I’ve been doing Qi Gong, I’ve become 27 years younger. How about that!”

Margie Watts

Don’t Decide Now… Take All The Time You NeedAnd Try “Discover Qi” For A Full 90 Days.

Lee Holden’s “Discover Qi” Triple Guarantee

I GUARANTEE THAT YOU’LL FEEL A PHYSICAL DIFFERENCE after practicing the simple slow exercise 10 minutes a day. You will stretch easier, your backaches and neck pain will disappear, and you will tap into so much energy, you’ll wonder where it’s been all this time. You must be completely satisfied with “Discover Qi” or you pay nothing.

I GUARANTEE YOU’LL FEEL EMOTIONALLY CENTERED, FULFILLED, AND IN CONTROL of your life. You will walk into a room and people will gravitate towards you because you bring such joy and positivity into their lives. You’ll even be smiling more and enjoy simple joys more – you’ll feel like a whole different person by the time you are done with the exercises. You must be completely satisfied with “Discover Qi” or you pay nothing.

I GUARANTEE THAT YOU’LL HAVE DEEPER AND MORE RESTFUL SLEEP – and probably need even less sleep after you have used the exercises. You will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated and have more free time to do the things that you love. You must be completely satisfied with “Discover Qi” or you pay nothing.

In fact, if for any reasons you are still unhappy with your results within 90 days, I insist that you write me for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings. I refuse to accept your fee if you feel “Discover Qi” is not right for you.

If this is your first time enrolling in a program on the internet, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. My trusted publisher – Mindvalley – handles all the payments, customer support and technical assistance. If you ever need help, or wish to request a refund, they will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

“My publisher’s awesome team  is ready and waiting to help you with any issues you might have on your Qi Gong journey.”

PLUS, you get these special bonuses…

Bonus 1: Special “Qi” Power Ups

Have you ever felt so exhausted during the day that your body demanded a 3-hour break just to recover?

In less than 3 minutes, you can use specially designed Qi routines to solve everyday problems quickly so you never have to burden your body unnecessarily to the point of exhaustion.

Your special Qi Power Ups includes…

  • Bring A Boost Of Your Energy Into Your Day
  • Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Qi Gong For Better Sleep
  • Clear Stress And Tension From The Body
  • Increase Focus And Mental Clarity

These special Qi routines are worth $59 and are not available anywhere else. But with the “Discover Qi” course, it’s now yours for FREE.


Bonus 2: “Qi Gong for Healing Others” Healing Techniques

Heal your loved ones with your new found internal energy. Channel your own energy to help others ease their pain even if they yet to discover Qi Gong for themselves.

Use these “Qi Gong for Healing Others” Techniques to help friends and family:

  • Relieve tension
  • Overcome stress
  • Relax deeply
  • Draw new energy

Imagine their amazement when you do all the above without even touching them. Theatrics aside, these are some of the most powerful Qi Gong techniques every practitioner should know about.

These Qi Gong Healing Techniques are worth $29 and are not available anywhere else. But with the “Discover Qi” course,they’re now yours for FREE.


All together, that’s a heafty $88 worth of free gifts and discounts.

The reason I’m doing this is because if you are pleased with the results Discover Qi gives you, I know you will teach it to your spouse and kids. Nothing would make me happier. That’s why I have negotiated with my publisher to give you so many bonuses for a limited time.

And best of all….

You must be absolutely DELIGHTED or I will give you a 100% Money Back refund.

You can experience Discover Qi however you want, wherever you want…Introducing the Mindvalley Academy – your learning platform.

One of the benefits of Discover Qi is how easy it is to consume. You can learn all the lessons contained on any media device through the Mindvalley Academy – a clean, intuitive interface that makes learning an absolute pleasure, and provides world-class customer support in just one click.

  • Learn on a train, in a park – anywhere on the go! You’re free to play or stream content directly to your multimedia device.
  • Download audio recordings of the course. You can learn offline with with the recorded sessions of Lee Holden’s training.
  • Works flawlessly on your mobile device.Your content is optimized for Apple’s Audiobook format, so you’ll get an elegant experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Help is just a click away.Got a question? Need technical assistance? Built-in customer support gives you easy access to our friendly Customer Happiness Team.
  • Access all your content from the same place.No more struggling with multiple membership areas and passwords – the Mindvalley Academy lets you access all your top content in one place, with one password.

Try ‘Discover Qi’ Now And Start Putting Your Qi To Work

And, as I said, you can try ‘Discover Qi’ risk-free. Act now and I’ll send you a FREE copy of the bonus routines.

When I teach Qi Gong, my first, last, and ONLY obligation is to you, and you alone. You and I are going to kick “Qi” butt together. When you begin the “Discover Qi” program, we start improving your life right away…

 First, we’ll immediately put your Qi to work and restore your energy circulation. Your cells will begin to energize, heal, and cleanse themselves while you enjoy a newfound sense of relaxation and calmness.

 Next, we’ll create more vitality and robust health for many years to come. These powerful exercises revitalize your kidneys, massage your spine, and transform your stress into energy.

I’ll help you absorb life energy from your surroundings into your body. These effortless exercises will clear your emotional stresses and strengthen your upper body for decades
of use.

 Then I’ll show you how to extract Qi from the air like a power plant. We’ll boost your immune system with specific moves for your chest, lungs, and heart center. You’ll feel your Qi expanding and growing stronger.

I’ll help you reverse damage that’s already done. We’ll restore your natural balance, so you can have abundant energy and relaxed emotions at the same time. Then, we’ll strengthen your lower body with an exercise for your spine, hamstrings, and hips.

 Finally, we’ll keep your nervous system young and I’ll show you how to find joy and happiness in your daily activities.

Now really, what other plan do you have to improve your life right now?

Take all the time you need within 90 days to decide if this is right for you. During this time together, you must agree that it’s everything I’ve promised and more, or just claim your refund anytime.

At the very least, you will remember all the handy remedies and leave the program with this new, powerful knowledge after discovering the source of all other existing healing practices.

Lee’s Class Was The Difference Between Back Surgery And No Surgery At All

Sally Wolfe
I Feel So Great After A few Exercises…

“I received your Qi Gong videos yesterday. I could not say enough about how wonderful they are. I opened only the first one and I stayed home today all day to watch and practice it. Not only did I feel so great after a few exercises, but I also feel calm and focused. My wife thought that I am on a new medication, and it makes me feel good. I will talk to my friends and people I know who are suffering chronic back pain or stress to order your Qi Gong videos. Once again, thank you so much for making this.”

H. Nguyen, Business Owner
Boston, Massachusetts
Never Felt This Good Recovering From Surgery

“I was in the hospital recuperating from a hip replacement surgery, and I saw Lee Holden on our education channel… Lying in bed, I followed his arm movements – and I was hooked. They felt so good! I began the program sitting in a chair. That was in November. I have graduated myself to doing the routines standing (for the most part) before breakfast every morning – the best way to awaken my body. PS. I celebrated my 80th birthday this past June.”

E.E. Margate NJ
I Felt The Energy Even Though I Was Sitting Down

“…due to a disability that limits my standing, thought I would not be able to do the routines. I saw you on KVIE, and participated in the exercises while sitting. I readily felt the flow of energy – all the way down to the soles of my feet, even though I was sitting down. The palms of my hands, my knees, and the soles of my feet heated up straight away. As a Reiki Master, I understood that the energy was flowing freely. I am very happy and pleased to have “tuned in” when I did. Many thanks for being.”

Mary Taylor, Reiki Master
Extremely Easy To Follow… Thank You So Much

“Extremely easy to follow, and incredibly easy to feel the energy flow and sensation of Qi as you described. As a physician and martial artist, I am truly happy to have my hands on an easy to follow program that makes the understanding and experiencing of qi so accessible. I’ve caught intermittent glimpses of it, but now I have a way to access this power daily and increase it’s presence in my life, and in my practice. Thank you so much.”

Rick Lambert
New Jersey, Woodcliff Lake
Increased Strength… Calmer Mind…

“My observed benefits include: increased strength and definition of the muscles of my legs, torso and arms. I am calmer in mind, observing my breath during activity; keeping it deep, slow and rhythmic. My surfing is enhanced because my feet are better rooted to the board, my balance is more stable, and I flow effortlessly with the power of the wave. Practicing Qi Gong daily has helped me to meld my physical and spiritual selves.”

Dr. Warren Patch, Chiropractor & Surfer
San Diego,
I’ve Reduced My Supplement Use To Almost Zero

“While watching TV, I watched Lee Holden discussing Qi Gong. Having my doubts I went to You Tube and watched a short video on Qi Gong stress relief. I practiced some of the exercises and felt a change in my stress level. I purchased the videos and practiced Qi Gong every day. In one month I’ve reduced my supplement use to almost zero. I have finally found a way to reduce stress without drugs.”

Thank you.

Tim F
I Can Feel My Health Returning Everyday

“I am a 50 year old woman and a recovering alcoholic, who was suffering for Nurophathy from my head to my toes because of the abuse. I could not move without pain. Just getting out of bed was painful, not to mention walking, bending over, just moving hurt. I had been sober 5 months and started doing Qi Gong in February 2011. It is now March 4th, 2011 and I want MORE! I can feel my health returning everyday & if I miss a day, which is rare, I can tell!!!”

Sedona, Arizona
Something I Can Actually Do Unlike Many Other Exercise Programmes

“…what an excellent workout for older people like myself who sometimes have joint problems….. thank you so much. It is something I can actually do unlike many other exercise programmes, and as a Reiki master, it also fits in very well with that! I also have fibromyalgia and I will recommend you in my online group.”

Val Blench, Reiki Master

Don’t decide now… Take All The Time You Need and Try “Discover Qi” for a Full 90 Days.

If You’re Not Satisfied, You Can Get A Full Refund Within 90 Days

The Time Is NowClick The Order Button BelowTo Get “Discover Qi” for 30% OFF

I’ll get the complete “Discover Qi” course:

  • 8 powerful sessions by Lee (video + audio)

I’ll get FREE bonus techniques:

  • Special “Qi” Power Ups (video)
  • Qi Gong for Healing Others (video)

And a special discount:

  • 30% OFF

… and if I’m not fully satisfied for whatever reason, I can cancel and get ALL my money back easily. Nothing could be fairer and risk free than that.

“Lee Holden Has Totally Saved My Life!”

“I tell people I do not take medicines anymore and just do these exercises… the strength in my legs is remarkable and the way I can turn my neck and head. I do my exercises in the morning and it makes the rest of the day enjoyable. Lee Holden has totally saved my life!”

Sally Papin

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What are the most

Frequently Asked Questions about Discover Qi

Q1: How fast can I expect to see results?

A: In some instances, the benefits of Qi Gong will be experienced almost immediately. Even a short routine of a few minutes will activate your inner Qi and circulate energy throughout your body – helping you to become more relaxed and energized.

However, once you dive further into your practice and make it part your daily routine, your overall health and wellness will become noticeably and significantly stronger. Beyond this, what you won’t notice are the ailments you’ll be preventing. Qi Gong has also been used for centuries, as a preventative measure to ward off disease and ensure longevity, therefore the little you do each day – will go a long way towards your overall health and wellness.

Q2: What can I expect from investing a few minutes a day?

A: TThe results of Qi Gong can be broken down into two categories: the healing process and the side effects.

In terms of how Qi Gong heals, it:

  • Alleviates pain
  • Works fast to improve blood circulation
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Strengthens internal organs
  • Eliminates muscle tightness and soreness

Unlike some types of Western medicine, the side effects of practicing Qi Gong are only beneficial. Through regular practice, you’ll begin to feel more centered and balanced, less stressed out, enjoy a better night’s sleep and experience a significant increase in your overall energy and vitality.

Q3: How do I get started using Qi Gong?

A: In the past few days I’ve already shown you some simple techniques you can use, and I’ve also shown you 2 very important steps:

Step 1: FEELING your Qi
Step 2: ACTIVATING your Qi

The next step – LIVING your Qi – takes a little more time and practice, and is an investment you make in yourself. To help you do this I’ve created Discover Qi – 6 easy and fun lessons that you can use to further activate your inner Qi and really draw on its benefits. You can order a copy at the bottom of the page.

Q4: How does Lee’s approach to Qi Gong different from others?

A: There’s actually very little difference between my style of Qi Gong and the more traditional teachings you would experience in the East. Where my methods differ is the consumption.

With today’s busy lifestyles we cant all exactly spend a year in China, find a Qi Gong master or even commit to local classes. That’s why I developed Discover Qi – a simple yet effective approach that allows you to learn Qi Gong in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. It’s easy, it works, and most of all – it’s fun!

Q5: Is it safe?

A: Qi Gong is completely safe as all the movements are gentle and designed to feel like second nature – even to most basic beginners. The routines in the program also vary in length – allowing you the opportunity to customize your practice based on your individual needs and ability.

Just be careful to practice it in an open area that allows you the space to move around freely without bumping into objects. Also remember to take it at your own pace – there is no prize for first place here.

6 more reasons you’ll love Discover Qi:

Learn The Way You Want To

Each audio and video session is engineered for your iPod, iPad or any other multimedia player.

Intuitive Training Curriculum

Discover Qi is designed to help you feel, activate and live your Qi. The structure is natural and easy to follow.

Developed by Mindvalley

Mindvalley is the online publishing company behind some of the biggest personal growth programs on the internet. We publish only the hottest, most transformational content in the industry.

A Respected Authority

The energy master, Lee Holden, is the modern face of Qi Gong in the US. He is known to the vast majority thanks to his appearances on PBS.

An experience tailor-made for you

You’re a busy person with your own unique set of challenges. That’s why Discover Qi is designed to complement your life, not restrict it. Study at your own pace, choose which parts of the program and in what time of the day.

Heroic Customer Support

Need a hand with ordering? Something not working? Whatever your question or concern, our world-class customer support team is delighted to help you.